Types Of Cigarette Smoke Detectors

Prevent Smoking Indoors

Although smoking indoors is banned in many countries, there are still people who violate this law, thus continuing to endanger the health of people who do not use cigarettes. In order to protect yourself from unscrupulous people, it is necessary to install a cigarette smoke detector.

Environmental pollution is increasing, so people who have a developed ecological awareness try to reduce this pollution wherever it can be reduced. That’s why smoking has been banned in all public areas for many years. Although there is a law, there are people who do not respect it and continue to smoke in places where it is not allowed. In such places, it is necessary to install a cigarette smoke detector that will quickly detect smoke and sound an alarm. These detectors can be installed in hotels and motels, residential buildings, schools and universities, offices and other business premises.

Cigarette Smoke Detector

There are several types of these detectors. Photoelectric detectors use a light source and a photoelectric sensor. Ionization detectors use a radioactive source to ionize the air. Combined detectors provide greater precision and accuracy in measuring cigarette smoke. There are also detectors that have chemical analysis sensors that can detect the presence of chemicals found in tobacco smoke. Regardless of the principle on which the detector works, each of them will successfully detect cigarette smoke and give an appropriate warning.

In order for unscrupulous smokers to stop using cigarettes in areas where it is not allowed, the best solution is to install a cigarette smoke detector that will be able to prevent them from this intention.